atelier SORA

Welcome to atelier SORA

We make Kimekomi dolls which are wooden dolls with Japanese costumes made from cloth with the edges tucked into grooves in the wood.

We have four seasons in Japan.
There are some festivals that we matched in the four seasons, and we make the dolls for them.


March 3 is the day of the Doll’s Festival.

May 5 is Children’s day.
Originally it was called Boy’s Festival.


Doll in a Yukata
Enjoy the cool evening breeze.


Grandpa & Grandma
September 15 is Keiro-no-hi
(Respect for the Aged Day)

A Kimono girl
Shichi-go-san is a festival to celebrate the healthy growth of children.
The festival is for three and five year-old boys and three and seven year-old girls.



New Year's pine decoration.

The twelve signs of Chinese zodiac dolls

There are 12 animals, with one animal allocated to every year.
The order is …
Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake
Horse Sheep Monkey Rooster Dog Boar.
It is said that the ornament is lucky charm.

There are many kind of dolls elsewhere.
Please love our dolls.
We hope you like them.